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Surfing without Big Brother Watching

Posted by mfluch on April 25, 2010

Do you have enough of the feeling that the state and your ISP is watching your use of the internet? Then IPredator (Wikipedia) might be a solution to you. It is an anonymizer proxy service in Sweeden run by the people who have once created the famous Pirate Bay site. As a prepaid VPN service they hardly need to store any data of you and even this little data is very strongly protected by Sweedish privacy laws (see their legal FAQ).

I have used it now for a few months and it works reliable for me. It is nice to know that I can surf the internet without the UK government and my ISP being able to monitor my moves. And this peace of mind for just around 5€ per month.

Some more information on: ArsTechnica and Tech Fragments.


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TOR Browser on an USB Stick

Posted by mfluch on June 27, 2009

The TORProject is a very powerfull tool to make internet trafic anonymous using an onion routing network. Now I just spotted that the TORProject provides a selfcontained browser boundle which lets you run a TOR enabled browser (Firefox) directly from an USB stick without the need to install any software on the computer. Just plug in the USB stick on which you have copied the TORBrowser and start surfing the internet without leaving a trace.

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Avoiding the Electronic Police State No.5

Posted by mfluch on May 18, 2009

I am living in the UK which is currently ranked in this study by Cryptohippie as the 5th under the worlds electronic police states (the UK is only exceeded in this field by China, North Corea, Belarus and Russia). I am not much surprised by this ranking. But reading this ranking gave me the final push to think about doing something about it.

Just recently I thought what to do about it and got the following idea: why not to try out one of the many public VPN services which are out there? So what did I do? In my case I moved my connection to Switzerland (which is ranked on place 30 in the same report). It doesn’t cost much (5USD for a month which is about the price of a good beer and a package of chips here  in the UK) and is set up easily in less than … 5 minutes! Read the rest of this entry »

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Police, Protest and the Surveillance Society

Posted by mfluch on April 19, 2009

I found an interesting collection of letters send by its readers to The Guardian by its on the way the police in UK tends to missues their position in the democratic society which gradualy converts more and more to a surveillance society. Just again a small step in disturbing developement.

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Modern Darwinism at Work

Posted by mfluch on April 8, 2009

From biology we know that if you provide a constraint to a biological system, then evolution will addapt. The same happens in the internet: if you try to control and restrict the information exchange, people will begin to develope means how to get around the atempts of control and restriction. One recent example where one can observe this to happen is in Sweeden. There the new anti-piracy laws boost the market for encryption technology.

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Posted by mfluch on March 2, 2009

A new file sharing software, this time developed by the University of Washington: OneSwarm. It is based (and backwards compatible) with BitTorrent but provides more anonymity (relative to other P2P software) if used to share data using what they call the Friend-to-Friend (F2F) network. From their FAQ:

Isn’t P2P software just for piracy? Don’t you have better things to do?
Our interest is in building a system for users to share data efficiently and securely while preserving their privacy. Virtually everyone on the Internet is a content producer, but today we only have one model for sharing: sign over the rights to your work to a website, with the hope that it will respect your privacy. Our work is to show that there is a better way.

Nuff said! Have a look at their screen cast introducing their software and concept…

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All People are Equal (The French President’s Way)

Posted by mfluch on March 1, 2009

Remember the famous statement that all people are equal but some are just more equal? The French president recently just showed again how true this statment: on one hand Nicolas Sarkozy pushes very hard the 3-strikes-and-you-are-out law across France and the EU, on the other hand he infrigened on copyright himsef when he used songs from a band without paying them any royalities for his political campangne. After he got sued by this band he tried to settle with a symbolic price of 1 Euro, which has of course been rejected by the band as being rediculous and an insult.

In my opinion it is one thing to infringe on copyright for private matters in the realm of fair use. But copyright infringment for financial and professional benefits is just something which is unacceptable! And what ever little of credability Sarkozy had left … now much less is left over!

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Schäuble’s Finger Print

Posted by mfluch on March 30, 2008

Schäuble’s Finger Print Here we have it, the finger print of Wolfgang Schäuble, the current Minister of Interior of Germany (and some people lable him as the head of the Stasi 2.0). The finger print was aquired and published by the CCC and is part of the ongoing campagne against Schäubles ongoing ideas to invade the privacy of innocent people for the “sake of security”.

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MI5 Seeks to Invade Privacy of All Commuters in London

Posted by mfluch on March 16, 2008

I guess a lot of totalitarian regimes from the past (say Hitler’s Third Reich or the former DDR) whould have been longed for the same technical possibilities as we have nowadays, because it would have made their aims more feaseable. History books would have recorded those plans and methodes as described in this article in the Guardian. Later we would have heard about them, discussed them in school and we would have been horrified how these global surveilance practices against the whole population could have been done by the state. From the article: Read the rest of this entry »

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Heathrow Airport First to Fingerprint

Posted by mfluch on March 8, 2008

Telegraph.co.uk covers in their article the new fingerprinting system at Heathrow Airport Terminal 5. This is just insane.

“All four million domestic passengers who will pass through Terminal 5 annually after it opens on March 27 will have four fingerprints taken, as well as being photographed, when they check in. To ensure the passenger boarding the aircraft is the same person, the fingerprinting process will be repeated just before they board the aircraft and the photograph will be compared with their face. Dr Gus Hosein, of the London School of Economics, an expert on the impact on technology on civil liberties, is one of the scheme’s strongest critics. He said: ‘There is no other country in the world that requires passengers travelling on internal flights to be fingerprinted. BAA says the fingerprint data will be destroyed, but the records of who has travelled within the country will not be, and it will provide a rich source of data for the police and intelligence agencies.'”

The discussion on Slashdot. From now on I’ll definitely not travel using this terminal.

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