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Mac OS X: Set default auto-rotate and scale in preview’s print dialog

Posted by mfluch on June 28, 2011

To permanently switch off the anoying auto-rotate and auto-scale feature of the Preview App of Mac OS execute the follwoing two commands in the Terminal:

defaults write com.apple.Preview PVImagePrintingScaleMode 0
defaults write com.apple.Preview PVImagePrintingAutoRotate 0

(tested on 10.6; found on Mac OS X Hints)


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Using iSync to Connect to a Nokia 3120 Classic

Posted by mfluch on November 12, 2009

If you have like me a Nokia 3120 Classic and want to sync with your Mac using iSync, then Paul McCarthy has put a lot of effort into making a plugin for iSync to get this working. You can find the iSync plugin and all the information needed here in his blog entry. Thanks to Paul for all the effort to keep the plugin working despite he does not even have a Nokia 3120 Classic anymore! :-)

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