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BT Update: Deposite back, but…

Posted by mfluch on May 19, 2008

The never ending story continues. I have been to the student unions advice center and met there on 30th of April a solicitor. We kept bugging BT once more with a phone call. The guy said that this day he cannot do anything because the or some computer system was down. But he promised us to call me back the next day on my mobile. Which of course and needless to say did not happen.

On the 2nd of May I called BT again and this time I got to someone who seemed to have a clue. The explanation I got this time was that it seems that despite the line was closed the billing account was still open. The person said she would send an e-mail (with highest priority) to the billing department to close the billing account which then would give me back my deposit within a week. Read the rest of this entry »


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Enough BT, Now Otelo

Posted by mfluch on April 28, 2008

The never ending story of me trying to get the 50£ deposit back from my first BT line continues. After having given up on calling BT (there are better ways to waste time than spending it in BT’s endless phone queues) I did send three letters (see here, here and here) to BT, each of them has remained unanswered by BT.

One letter can get lost but if three (!) letters remain without any reaction whatsoever, nothing, just plain nothing, then I am forced to believe that BT deliberately ignores any complaint and request of refund of my deposit they own me! And this is outrageous! :-(

Now 12 weeks have passed by since my initial complaint in the beginning of February by phone. It is time to move on and I will send this letter to Otelo (an ombudsman service for public communication providers and their customers) today. Furthermore I will contact the legal advice office from the student union of my university and see what other possibilities I have.

The issue with BT begins to get Kafkaesk…

Update: Letter got posted this morning by special delivery (tracking number ZV 8476 8442 9GB).

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BT Admitted to Spying on Customers

Posted by mfluch on April 5, 2008

More reasons to dislike BT in this article on Slashdot.

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Neverending BT

Posted by mfluch on April 2, 2008

The last two letters didn’t arrive, both send recorded signed for. Today I had a call with the delivery office in Durham. Of course I get a refund for both letters in form of a stamp pack worth more than 4 Pounds for each case. And then I got the suggestion to send the next letter using special delivery where the whole delivery process is tracked. With 4.30£ it is a bit more expensive but worth the effort.

So today I posted the 3rd letter to BT by special delivery (reference number ZV780032794GB). Delivery is guaranteed to have happened by tomorrow 13 o’clock. And even if it is not delivered one can track down what the problem is. Nice.

Update 03/04/08: And the 3rd letter finally got delivered! Hurray! :-) That is, I believe the other two letters got delivered, too, but they did not get recorded as received. So now lets see how long it takes till I hear something from BT. I can wait…

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BT update

Posted by mfluch on March 30, 2008

Still the two letters I have send to BT as 1st class recorded signed for have not been recorded as arrived. The first letter has been posted on 26th of February (reference number DW874014043GB), the second letter has been posted on 18th of March (reference number DW874013944GB). According to Royal Mail a signed for letter is kept for one week only at their sorting office before returned to the sender. According to Royal Mail, after 15 days it can be considered to be lost. So the first letter is lost and if the second letter is not soon returning to me, then it is also “lost”. And this would mean things would be getting fishy. Lets wait…

Durham sorting office: tel. 08456-113289 (option 4 for delivery inquiries)

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More on BT

Posted by mfluch on March 17, 2008

Still trying to get my outstanding deposit back. It seems that the last letter I did send to BT on 26th of February did get lost (I did send it first class recorded signed for and it got neither recorded as delivered nor did it return to me). So another try with this letter.

And just for further reference, the BT Complaints Help blog seems to be interesting…

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BT Adventure Countinued

Posted by mfluch on March 4, 2008

Remember the last time when BT messed up my phone connection? The story continues, now I try to get the deposit back I paid in November for my first line. More than 2 month since they closed my first line and still the outstanding refund does not show up on my bank account. I called them already once because of this and a week ago I send them a letter. I did not know that a company can have such a messed up customer service like BT. Gosh! I guess the story will continue… unfortunately.

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On the Line With BT…

Posted by mfluch on January 6, 2008

Coming back from my holiday I noticed that my internet connection at home did not work anymore. It turned out that my land line had problems. Yesterday I spend an hour on the phone to figure out what happened. Roughly the conversation went as follows.

BT Fault Department: Your line has been canceled.

Me: Cannot be, why should I? After all I need it for my internet.

BT Fault Department: We don’t know, that is just what our computer says. But I will connect you with the billing department which can help you.

Me: Ok.

Phone line: We are very busy at the moment. Please hold the line…

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