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Solving Any Rubik’s Cube Under 12 Secs!

Posted by mfluch on February 22, 2010

The following short video shows an impressive solving Rubik’s Cube solving roboter (build with LEGO) in action. Properly in action that is!


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Typing Races

Posted by mfluch on February 21, 2010

Improve your typing and have fun: typrX

I have no idea how people manage to get high scores of 150 to even 200 words per minute (wpm). Sofar I get knots in my fingers at around 50 wpm.

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What you Get: Pirated vs. Bought Movie

Posted by mfluch on February 19, 2010

I found on the internet (via fefe) a nice picture which summarises nicely the difference of pirated vs. bought movies:

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Some Education Related Articles

Posted by mfluch on February 15, 2010

Two recent educatio related articles:

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Mozilla Weave 1.0

Posted by mfluch on February 6, 2010

Recently Mozilla Labs released version 1.0 of Weave Sync. From their project description:

Using this free browser add-on from Mozilla Labs, you can use secure mechanisms to access all of your personal data (including your bookmarks, saved passwords, browsing history, and open browser tabs) across all of your supported devices, making your Web experience instantly more personal and useful.  And all of your data is encrypted end-to-end to help ensure your privacy.

There is also a review on Ars Technica about this open source projectwhich is worth while reading.

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