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The Good and the Bad

Posted by mfluch on November 30, 2009

Recent good experiences: my local bicycle shop. My recent bad experience: my bank Natwest. More when I have time to write…


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Posted by mfluch on November 30, 2009

And from the same company as Ink, that is DoubleEdgeFilms, a short movie called Spin:

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Posted by mfluch on November 29, 2009

Here is another independent film which caught my attention, Ink (on IMDB):

I got to known to this movie by an article on heise Online (unfortunately in German only), which told that the movie got a lot of attention due to the community sharing it and downloading it all over the world (temporarily it had been #16 on the top #250 on IMDB). The creators decided to not condem the downloader but rather see it as a big publicity push for their independently produced movie. They have added to their homepage a link to support them and I myself just have donated 10$.

Other official trailers: 2nd trailer, 3rd trailer.

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Using iSync to Connect to a Nokia 3120 Classic

Posted by mfluch on November 12, 2009

If you have like me a Nokia 3120 Classic and want to sync with your Mac using iSync, then Paul McCarthy has put a lot of effort into making a plugin for iSync to get this working. You can find the iSync plugin and all the information needed here in his blog entry. Thanks to Paul for all the effort to keep the plugin working despite he does not even have a Nokia 3120 Classic anymore! :-)

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