Random Notes

All People are Equal (The French President’s Way)

Posted by mfluch on March 1, 2009

Remember the famous statement that all people are equal but some are just more equal? The French president recently just showed again how true this statment: on one hand Nicolas Sarkozy pushes very hard the 3-strikes-and-you-are-out law across France and the EU, on the other hand he infrigened on copyright himsef when he used songs from a band without paying them any royalities for his political campangne. After he got sued by this band he tried to settle with a symbolic price of 1 Euro, which has of course been rejected by the band as being rediculous and an insult.

In my opinion it is one thing to infringe on copyright for private matters in the realm of fair use. But copyright infringment for financial and professional benefits is just something which is unacceptable! And what ever little of credability Sarkozy had left … now much less is left over!


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