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How Long does it Take…?

Posted by mfluch on March 21, 2009

How Long does it Take...?
Today’s question: how long does it take to connect an electric toothbrush to the mains? Huh, is that even worth a question? You plug its cable into the nearest socket in the bathroom and this should take not more than a second or two. So what is the fuss about it?

Let me restate the question: how long does it take to connect an electric toothbrush to the mains in the UK? You plug its cable into the nearest socket … which socket?! Oh … Yes, Huston, we got a problem here. I live in a fairly modern hous (it was build about three years ago) … and in the bathroom there is just one single socket to connect an electronic device, and this socket is part of the lights above the mirror, and the socket does not even support a hair dryer! At most you can charge a hair cutter, an electric shaver or a electric toothbrush. But my appartment does not come with any suitable near enough to this socket to place my electric devices on. And as soon as I want to connect more than one device I am out of luck anyways.

So what I had to do extend the amount of proper sockets to a useful number. In the photo you can see where I attached an extension socket, namely to the georgeous energy wasting heating device of the bathroom (I basically never use it; who came even up with such a rediculous 2000 watt energy waster in a modern building?). Alltogether it took me about an hour to attache the additional cable in a proper and save way to the existing cablel. But now I have four sockets which will increase the usability of the bathroom a lot (amongst other I can now plug in my electric toothbrush nicely).

So, how long does it take to connect an electric toothbrush to the mains in the UK? About an hour if haven’t solved the electric socket problem beforehand. But why this is so I can only imagine: probably some ridiculous safety regulations prohibit the installation of usfull sockets in the bathrooms of UK houses. Why ridiculous? Becaus I have seen enough countries where they manage to savely install sockets in bathrooms without a noticable impact on the death rate in the population. If done properly sockets are not dangerous in bathrooms!


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Saving for the Next Investment

Posted by mfluch on March 10, 2009

Working at my office already since October 2007 and at the moment at home with a temporarily borrowed 20 inch iMac under Leopard I got more and more fascinated by the efficiency of the every days work flow. Now that Apple has recently released their new improved iMacs I got to the point that I decided to turn another dream into reality: I will soon buy an 24 inch iMac. What I am still waiting for? A few Pounds are still missing on my account (but since I slowed down buying lots of vinyls on eBay this does not take anymore long time) and the upcomming release of Snow Leopard, the new Mac OS which is due in June. So I presume that as soon as I return early in July from my planned trip to Germany I will place the order for my dream computer! Can’t wait for it! Hurray! :-)

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What the Pirate Bay Trial Means for the Future of Entertainment

Posted by mfluch on March 8, 2009

Here an excellent blog entry on the recently finished trial against The Piratebay.

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What Facebook is For

Posted by mfluch on March 6, 2009

And no, I do definitely not have a profile on Facebook!

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Posted by mfluch on March 2, 2009

A new file sharing software, this time developed by the University of Washington: OneSwarm. It is based (and backwards compatible) with BitTorrent but provides more anonymity (relative to other P2P software) if used to share data using what they call the Friend-to-Friend (F2F) network. From their FAQ:

Isn’t P2P software just for piracy? Don’t you have better things to do?
Our interest is in building a system for users to share data efficiently and securely while preserving their privacy. Virtually everyone on the Internet is a content producer, but today we only have one model for sharing: sign over the rights to your work to a website, with the hope that it will respect your privacy. Our work is to show that there is a better way.

Nuff said! Have a look at their screen cast introducing their software and concept…

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All People are Equal (The French President’s Way)

Posted by mfluch on March 1, 2009

Remember the famous statement that all people are equal but some are just more equal? The French president recently just showed again how true this statment: on one hand Nicolas Sarkozy pushes very hard the 3-strikes-and-you-are-out law across France and the EU, on the other hand he infrigened on copyright himsef when he used songs from a band without paying them any royalities for his political campangne. After he got sued by this band he tried to settle with a symbolic price of 1 Euro, which has of course been rejected by the band as being rediculous and an insult.

In my opinion it is one thing to infringe on copyright for private matters in the realm of fair use. But copyright infringment for financial and professional benefits is just something which is unacceptable! And what ever little of credability Sarkozy had left … now much less is left over!

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