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Cables! Cables! Yes, Cables!

Posted by mfluch on February 8, 2009

QED Silver XTLong time I didn’t spend too much thoughts on the cables I used in my hifi system. Neither on the cables which connect the amplifier to the speakers, nor much on the cables connecting the different audio components. Sure, I used my better cables to connect the my more serious parts of my hifi system to each other, and also the speaker cables were thicker cables, but still neither of them anything special.

For some reason I got recently the idea to actually try out some more fancy speaker cables, not to expensive ones, but still more than just the ordinary copper wire thing. I got attracted by the reviews the QED Silver Anniversary XT cable got and that the price per meter is with around 5 pounds reasonable and nothing insane.

When the cables arrived a week ago I didn’t expect anything too special … and I got caught so red-handed! I never had imagined that the difference would be so huge, so much more details! (A bit more detalied information about this cable can be found here.)

QED Qunex 3Immediately the following question came to my mind: if the loudspeaker cables make such a difference, what then about better audio interconnect cables? After searching the internet for what cables there are available in the price range I can afford (and having got a slight preferences for cables from QED due to my speaker cables) I decided to go for the QED Qunex 3 (some reviews). I bought two pairs initially in order to test whether the quality improvement is worth the price. Those cables now connect my truntable to the phono stage and the phono stage to my amplifyer. And again it took me not long to decide that I need also cables to connect my CD player aswell as my DVD player to my amplifyer. Moreover the special offer I got for those cables were just to good to let go without taking advantage (50% less than I found elsewere on the internet)!

The only component of my hifi system which is not connected with cables from QED is my radio, which I hardly use. But even here I have a better than average cable, in this case from Cambridge-Audio.


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