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War of the Worlds

Posted by mfluch on January 25, 2009


Recently I stumbled upon Jeff Wayne’s musical version of the War of the Worlds, a novel written by Herbert Wells did write more than a century ago in 1898. Wells’ book is one of the erliest novels which is about an alien invasion on earth.

I first came in touch with this storry in summer 2005 when a friend of mine and I was looking for shelter from a big rain shower in the evening when we were on our way home. We went to a nearby cinema to watch Spielbergs adaption of the novel. We did not expect anything great at all, just to be safe from the pouring rain; which was then precisely what we got, a silly movie and a dry way home afterwards. But anyways, I digress.

I won Jeff Wayne’s concept album, a lovely double LP with a 15 pages booklet inside. Very interesting music indeed! And as an outcome I looked forward to read the original novel which I am doing at the moment. It is just plain fascinating to read old classic stories.


2 Responses to “War of the Worlds”

  1. jens said

    hi martin! sounds interesting…cool cover too!

  2. mfluch said

    Indeed, its an interesting recording. And the 15 pages booklet which comes along with the vinyl is great, too!

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