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More to Read, More to Listen to…

Posted by mfluch on November 29, 2008

After having read Coraline my next book from Neil Gaiman is The Graveyard Book, which is an adaption of the famous The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. Having finished the book I, Lucifer by Glen Duncan and liking it a lot I began also to read his novel Death of an Ordinary Man. From a review on Amazon:

“Man dies, gets to hover around and check out what the family is up to. In the latest example of our recent obsession with a nonsectarian afterlife, Duncan (I, Lucifer, 2003, etc.) takes your ordinary recently dead schmoe, Nathan Clark, and puts him in the ectoplasmic ether, floating through the lives and thoughts of his family and friends. In a well-rendered but confusing start, Nathan requires considerable time to get his bearings and figure out why all those people are staring at his grave. It takes some time for the reader, too, to get acclimated inside Nathan’s head, which is, not surprisingly, buzzing with questions but also seems to be meshing with the thoughts of the people he’s watching.”

What else? A new LP from Miles Davis: Saturday Night In Person at the Blackhawk, Volume 2. And the vinyl Live! at the Village Vanguard (1961) by John Coltrane.


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