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A Hello from TV Licensing

Posted by mfluch on June 6, 2008

Letter from TV LicensingI do not have a television receiving equipment at home. Therefore I do also not have a TV Licence. Recently — that is 8 months after I moved to UK — I got a letter from TV Licensing. The part of the letter which cought my attention is

What if you do not use TV receiving equipment at this address?

Please call us on 0844 800 5888 and let us know. We will schedule a visit to confirm the situation, following which we will update our records.

Hell what? You treat me like an untrustworthy citicent?? I have no intention to schedule with visit with you, why should I? My falt is my home and nobody is allowed to snoop in there around! How can you assume that everyone who has no TV receiving equipment at home should automaticaly let you in?

In order to avoid first steps in the investigation stage, please ensure your home is properly licensed urgently.

My home is properly licensed. I just checked it again. And I would have made the effort to tell them that their records are right. But not when they have this kind of attitude towards me! So feel free to spend (waste) time on your investigation… :-)

Update 13/6/2008: I thought it might be a good idea to send the people from TV Licensing this short statement telling them that there is no device at my place which is technically capable to receive TV broadcasts. Just that there might never be a surprise. Send by special delivery so that things are nicely documented.

Update 16/6/2008: The letter got delivered (tracking code: ZV847690645GB). So now it it’s the turn of TV Licensing. Let’s see how long it will take for them to contact me again. Sure they will. Pity I didn’t leave them a phone number…. ;-)


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