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BT Update: Deposite back, but…

Posted by mfluch on May 19, 2008

The never ending story continues. I have been to the student unions advice center and met there on 30th of April a solicitor. We kept bugging BT once more with a phone call. The guy said that this day he cannot do anything because the or some computer system was down. But he promised us to call me back the next day on my mobile. Which of course and needless to say did not happen.

On the 2nd of May I called BT again and this time I got to someone who seemed to have a clue. The explanation I got this time was that it seems that despite the line was closed the billing account was still open. The person said she would send an e-mail (with highest priority) to the billing department to close the billing account which then would give me back my deposit within a week.

Fine I thought. So that took those people several phone calls and three letters to figure that out! And furthermore: lets see whether this time really something happens. And to my big surprise, on the 7th of May I had my 50 pounds deposit back on my account! I nearly couldn’t believe it but it did happen!


But it wouldn’t be BT if they wouldn’t mess it up further. This Sunday I got an e-mail telling me about a new BT bill online and it happened to be a tiny collection of things BT didn’t bill me yet: a few pounds for the line rental and usage from 8th of November till 21st of December (fine with me), about 125 Pounds initial connection fee (no problems as my landlord promised to pay this on behalf of this) and then about 116 Pounds “Exchange Line (Term)”:

If I understand this correctly then this has the following meaning: as a BT line comes with minimum rental agreement of one year the 116.03 Pounds are the rental for the remaining year which I was supposed to have this contract.

Now they canceled by accident my account, caused me a hell of a lot of inconvenience and now they still dare to ask me to pay double for something they messed up!! OK, sure, their mistake and when I called them today they said they would correct it. I have to see if something changes on my online account anytime soon (I was promised to see within a few hours to see a refund to appear on the bill or something like this; needless to say that after a whole day nothing changed; but then again it has been Sunday).

I will see what I will do next. The bill is due in a month, so still I have time to think about it. The guy on the phone said I should take the 116.03 Pounds off the bill and pay the rest. But then again the bill – despite its mistake – seems to be quite inconsistent:

If anyone can explain how the number 165.52 relates to the other numbers above, please let me know! And yes, all those numbers (and not only the last line) include VAT.

What I want now is one final bill which is correct up to the level I can accept and which will state that things are settled once and for all for my old account as soon as I have paid it. I will make an appointment with the solicitor of the student unions advice service to inform myself…

Gosh! This company BT just plain sucks! :-/

Update 16/6/2008: After one more call they told me that they will nullify the complete bill. And indeed they did. And since the company just had a mess in their book keeping they even did send me a few days later a cheque with some money. Fine with me. I don’t mind it as I did spend so many hours on the phone waiting to get to speak to an advisor. Gosh, that it really took about 6 months to get the thing settled!


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