Random Notes

Enough BT, Now Otelo

Posted by mfluch on April 28, 2008

The never ending story of me trying to get the 50£ deposit back from my first BT line continues. After having given up on calling BT (there are better ways to waste time than spending it in BT’s endless phone queues) I did send three letters (see here, here and here) to BT, each of them has remained unanswered by BT.

One letter can get lost but if three (!) letters remain without any reaction whatsoever, nothing, just plain nothing, then I am forced to believe that BT deliberately ignores any complaint and request of refund of my deposit they own me! And this is outrageous! :-(

Now 12 weeks have passed by since my initial complaint in the beginning of February by phone. It is time to move on and I will send this letter to Otelo (an ombudsman service for public communication providers and their customers) today. Furthermore I will contact the legal advice office from the student union of my university and see what other possibilities I have.

The issue with BT begins to get Kafkaesk…

Update: Letter got posted this morning by special delivery (tracking number ZV 8476 8442 9GB).


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