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Neverending BT

Posted by mfluch on April 2, 2008

The last two letters didn’t arrive, both send recorded signed for. Today I had a call with the delivery office in Durham. Of course I get a refund for both letters in form of a stamp pack worth more than 4 Pounds for each case. And then I got the suggestion to send the next letter using special delivery where the whole delivery process is tracked. With 4.30£ it is a bit more expensive but worth the effort.

So today I posted the 3rd letter to BT by special delivery (reference number ZV780032794GB). Delivery is guaranteed to have happened by tomorrow 13 o’clock. And even if it is not delivered one can track down what the problem is. Nice.

Update 03/04/08: And the 3rd letter finally got delivered! Hurray! :-) That is, I believe the other two letters got delivered, too, but they did not get recorded as received. So now lets see how long it takes till I hear something from BT. I can wait…


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