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Enough BT, Now Otelo

Posted by mfluch on April 28, 2008

The never ending story of me trying to get the 50£ deposit back from my first BT line continues. After having given up on calling BT (there are better ways to waste time than spending it in BT’s endless phone queues) I did send three letters (see here, here and here) to BT, each of them has remained unanswered by BT.

One letter can get lost but if three (!) letters remain without any reaction whatsoever, nothing, just plain nothing, then I am forced to believe that BT deliberately ignores any complaint and request of refund of my deposit they own me! And this is outrageous! :-(

Now 12 weeks have passed by since my initial complaint in the beginning of February by phone. It is time to move on and I will send this letter to Otelo (an ombudsman service for public communication providers and their customers) today. Furthermore I will contact the legal advice office from the student union of my university and see what other possibilities I have.

The issue with BT begins to get Kafkaesk…

Update: Letter got posted this morning by special delivery (tracking number ZV 8476 8442 9GB).


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Posted by mfluch on April 26, 2008

The following is the reply I gave in a survey about MAGIC, a group which “runs a wide range of postgraduate-level lecture courses in mathematics, using Access Grid videoconferencing technology.” I am 100% sure it won’t change a thing but still I could express my disappointment and anger about the step back in teaching quality at my current university due to MAGIC. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Posted by mfluch on April 7, 2008

Who says that mathematicians do not have humor. The following image is taken from the table of contents of the book “Lectures on Modules and Rings” by T.Y. Lam:
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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BT Admitted to Spying on Customers

Posted by mfluch on April 5, 2008

More reasons to dislike BT in this article on Slashdot.

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Posted by mfluch on April 4, 2008

This morning the hard drive of my IBM T30 and as the fan of my T30 was already in its days with its on problems I decided to go for a new ThinkPad model. On Lapstore.de, my favorite place to buy used ThinkPads, I decided to go this time for a IBM ThinkPad T60 with 15 inch SXGA+ display, 2GB of memory, 120GB of hard drive, dual layer DVD burner and a few other nice ingredients. 900€ including shipping. Not bad. Looking forward to my new working tool…

Update: Somehow I managed to boot the T30 again. Could make a more recent backup. And it seems that the hard disk runs quite stable after having warmed up during use…

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Neverending BT

Posted by mfluch on April 2, 2008

The last two letters didn’t arrive, both send recorded signed for. Today I had a call with the delivery office in Durham. Of course I get a refund for both letters in form of a stamp pack worth more than 4 Pounds for each case. And then I got the suggestion to send the next letter using special delivery where the whole delivery process is tracked. With 4.30£ it is a bit more expensive but worth the effort.

So today I posted the 3rd letter to BT by special delivery (reference number ZV780032794GB). Delivery is guaranteed to have happened by tomorrow 13 o’clock. And even if it is not delivered one can track down what the problem is. Nice.

Update 03/04/08: And the 3rd letter finally got delivered! Hurray! :-) That is, I believe the other two letters got delivered, too, but they did not get recorded as received. So now lets see how long it takes till I hear something from BT. I can wait…

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