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BT Adventure Countinued

Posted by mfluch on March 4, 2008

Remember the last time when BT messed up my phone connection? The story continues, now I try to get the deposit back I paid in November for my first line. More than 2 month since they closed my first line and still the outstanding refund does not show up on my bank account. I called them already once because of this and a week ago I send them a letter. I did not know that a company can have such a messed up customer service like BT. Gosh! I guess the story will continue… unfortunately.


5 Responses to “BT Adventure Countinued”

  1. Middle Man said

    I can fully emphasise.


  2. mfluch said

    Last time when I checked (and that was yesterday) the above mentioned letter hasn’t been recorded as being received (I did post it as first class recorded sign for). Either the letter got lost (I doubt that) or it got not picked up. In the latter case I expect it to return anytime soon. Lets see.
    If I will receive the letter back I’ll try to figure out another postal address to send the complaint, too (on one of my letters I got once from BT there should be an address). And if they cannot be reached there, either, then I shall get very upset. After all I expect that any company in UK is expected by law to have a postal address where one can reach them!

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